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This Cimarron toilet combines versatile design with high-powered flush performance. A classic two-piece style blends with traditional or contemporary decor, while an elongated bowl offers extra room for comfort. Seating is positioned at the height of a standard chair for ease of use. This toilet features innovative AquaPiston technology, a patented flush engine that delivers a fast, powerful, and virtually plug-free flush. FEATURES Two-piece toilet. Elongated bowl offers added room and comfort. Comfort Height® feature offers chair-height seating that makes sitting down and standing up easier for most adults. 1.6 gallons per flush (gpf). Standard left-hand Polished Chrome trip lever included. Tank locks included. Combination consists of the K-4309 bowl and the K-4418-T tank. Coordinates with other products in the Cimarron collection.

Классификация Продукта

  • Ifc Classification: |
  • OmniClass 2010: 23-31 19 19 Water Closets 

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