Are you a manufacturer of equipment or supplies?

to BIM or not to BIM?

Your always hear a modern word BIM and you don't know how to enter to new market and open new sales channels quickly and cost effectively?

What is the ROI?

How can I track ROI in BIM? Do I have an oppotunity to know how my Product recognition grows as well as product usage in a Projects?

Do my Sales Managers work effectively?

How to understand how effectively your designers interacting with your sales people?

New line of manufactures marketing solutions

New Sales Channel

Your Product is available for download to more than 100,000* designers, procurement mangers and others who already using BIM technology to operate AEC business processes

Early Involvement

You can start to work directly with the real designers right from concept stage without any others in-between agents

Product Locations

You can add the real locations where your Products are manufactured and/or distributed with suggested price for different locations.

We are very proud to be a part of

OPEN BIM is a universal approach to the collaborative design, realization, and operation of buildings based on open standards and workflows. OPEN BIM is an initiative of several leading software vendors using the open buildingSMART Data Model.

Are you a designer who participates in BIM project development?

Do you waste a lot of time serching for a bim models?

Search of BIM families takes a lot of time? A lot of diffrent sites, tonns of various data file formats, no information about families' updates?

Information within families is not standardized?

The attributes of a Product Families are filled differently on various resources? A lot of work on adaptation prior to embedding it in to a project?

Is this product too expensive?                     

It is not clear how much the product cost, depending on the geolocation of production and distribution?

Awesome tools for designers

Power Search Tool

You can search products from the real manufactrures in your area and compare their prices.

BIM Families

You can download BIM families from the real manufactures. All families are already filled with the attributes according to ISO 16378:2013

Direct Communication

You can communicate with the real product managers of the real products directly, without any in-between agents

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